BOGIES last man standing 

How does it work and rules
#Each week you will pick a Premier League side that you think will win, if they win you are threw and if they lose or draw you are out simples. 
#Picks must be submitted by 11pm on a Thursday evening and if you haven't submitted your picks you will be automatically given the least picked team. 
#Once you have used a team you cannot use that same team again.
#You can pay for multiple lines so if you go out on one line you can have a back up. 
#Winner takes all! If no one wins, the prize pot will rollover and you will have to buy in again if you want to.
#Entry costs £10 for 1 line or £15 for 2 lines, you can have as many lines as you like. 
#Fill in the form below and someone will be in touch with payment details and invite to our LMS WhatsApp group

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