the bogies singles cups

How does it work?

# Each round you will be drawn either home or away 

# If you are drawn at home the away player will come to your home club to play your match 

# The home player will pay half of the away players greens fees for the match

# Format is Match Play

# Full handicap

# If the match is drawn after 18 holes you will continue to play until one player wins 

# After the match you will post the score to the link on the Bogies website

# Each round will be drawn at the end of the playing month

# You will have a month to play your match, if you are unable to play the match and you have offered your opponent 3 different dates of which they have declined, your opponent will forfeit the match and you will move onto the next round.

# It will be up to you and your opponent to arrange your match.

# If you win you will be entered in to the draw for the next round

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