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Welcome to the Bogies Golf Society!

We have something for everything here at the Bogies, Society Events, Leagues, Cups, Ryder Cup and much more.

Don't be scared to get involved we have golfers of all abilities from scratch to just starting out. 

The Bogies Golf Society community is growing, started with humble beginnings and to Bogies way is spreading across the UK. 

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George Galloway AKA Geordie

I thought I would share my thoughts & experience with The Bogies Society. I have been to a few outings with The Bogies & have met some fantastic guys. From the very start I have been made to feel really welcome & have become really good friends with a lot of the guys. I have been fortunate enough to have been invited to many of the members home courses, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. The banter & craic really is something 🤣🤣🤣I would definitely recommend joining The Bogies Golf Society . It's for all levels of golfers. If it's a game of golf & a good laugh you are after,this is the society for you.

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David Ashman AKA Flashman 

When I first heard about the bogies back in the day I knew I'd enjoy being a part of it. I've been in society's in the past which either fizzled out or only had a couple of events per year but not the bogies. As well as away days there's raffles, sweeps, merch, discounts and more, also shows no sign of fizzling. Even during COVID they introduced an online golf event to keep us entertained during lockdown. I attend all the away days I can and when I do I'm sure to meet someone new, cracking bunch of people. Paul and Mark are doing an amazing job of running this society and are always working behind the scenes to make the bogies even better, why not be a part of it?? #bogies4life

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Clive Cooksey 

Northern Bogies , where do I start. Best decision I made was to get involved. Total game changer , met people who have became good friends, played courses I would never have played. Meeting new to the game and experienced golfers, all with a common cause, to enjoy a round with good craic and banter. Give it a go you won’t be disappointed.

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Stu Bailey AKA Bogies Tommy Fleetwood

The Bogies, from the beginning. Hows it been? It’s been a rollercoaster full of banditry... Sorry, brave golfers of all ability coming together to enjoy the game we all love. From my first invite to the page where there were a handful to the present day juggernaut of a society, I’ve noticed one thing has always been kept the main purpose, enjoy a day on the golf course, regardless of age or ability. I’ve met some great lads along the way, played with some great golfers, encouraged and helped (with my limited degree) new golfers and made mates who I’ll not hesitate to invite to my course or travel to theirs (as long as it’s at members guest rates 😉) Society days are the highlight of each month, a chance to put faces to Facebook profiles, and enjoy a knock which has the feel of a real club competition with a more relaxed atmosphere which settles them first tee nerves. A laugh, a knock and a beer has always been the aim and they never disappoint. The knockout competitions have been a highlight of mine, a great chance to play different courses throughout, I played a few due to the fact everyone I faced had a nightmare allowing me to reach the first ever singles final which I failed in miserably, but had a great day anyway. All in all well done Paul & Mark, it’s been a blast, and here’s to the future of the continuously improving Bogies, always welcoming new members on for the ride.